Citrine was born from ingenuity. During the quarantine of 2020 we were faced with the temporary closure of our beautiful culinary classroom, Cooking with Class. No more cooking classes, no more wine dinners, no more catered events. . .

While our other restaurant concepts were able to transition into take out and delivery, it gave us the idea that we could have a pop up "restaurant within a restaurant" here, utilizing our commercial kitchen, with take out only. This gave us a blank canvas to work with. 

Initially in the beginning of 2020, we began to operate as a "shadow kitchen" featuring an Italian themed menu that we made available for pick up and delivery only on certain days of the week. It was very well received and we grew a fanbase of loyal customers. At the same time, we also began offering our clients a weekly dinner for 2, packaged for pick up on Friday evenings. We called it "Friday Family Meal". Each week our customer list grew and grew until finally we couldn't take on any more dinners and were turning away as many people as we could accommodate. Running both operations side by side was a challenge in our small kitchen on Fridays.

Eventually we decided to transition into to putting all our resources in to the wildly popular Friday dinners - so in January of 2021 we officially stopped serving our nightly Italian menu and focused on increasing our production for the Family Meals, as well as specialty catering and occasional fun pop-up meals for special occasions like New Years Eve and Superbowl Sunday.

Our team LOVES to dream up a new menu every week and the feedback we have gotten from our very wonderful fans has kept us all motivated to keep a new fresh menu on deck every single week. Thank you to everyone who has made our Friday Family Meals part of their "new routines"! 

Sincerely, Chef Andie, Tony, Jake & Lisa AKA the Citrine Family!